Life at Point Blank Range defined

This was a little blog experiment of mine which has stumbled on a follower or two.  So perhaps I should define the term “Life at Point Blank Range.”  For though I am an unabashed supporter of the literal reading of the Second Amendment, this blog isn’t about shooting.  To the extent it’s ever populated, it will be about the incredible challenge and reward of a life well lived while the world is coming at you with incredible speed.

Someone forgot to leave me the “How to live life well” owner’s manual.  As a result, I spent most of my life limping along trying to live the Cub Scout motto of “Do Your Best” on my own.  It was a disaster.  Now, with the help of God through the indwelling of his Holy Spirit, I’m much better off.  Life still comes fast and hard but I’ve got the Owner’s Manual,I know the language in which it is written, and I possess the humility to accept the help I’m given.  Hey, it would be a little foolish to blow off the creator of the universe, right?

So there you go . . . life at point blank range.  We’ll see where it leads us.

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